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Studio Visit Magazine, Volume Seven – January 2010

Studio Visit is series of juried artist books published by The Open Studios Press. Each year they produce two volumes and each volume features about 150 artists selected by professional curators. Studio Visit, a.k.a. Studio Visit magazine, is a well-respected publication received by two thousand curators and gallerists throughout the country.

I am excited to announce that I am in Studio Visit this year!

Studio Visit, volume seven and volume eight came out at the beginning this year. There are many talented artists featured and I am thrilled to be in such great company. I know Jonah Burlingame, Silvia Poloto and Catherine Small through the Paris-San Franscisco Artist Exchange. And Rob Harrell and Suzanne Lewis are fellow Austinites that I know through the prestigious Wally Workman Gallery. I admire these talented artists and I hope you visit their websites. In fact, if you have time, I urge you to browse all of the artists from both 2010 publications here: Studio Visit, Volume 7 and Studio Visit, Volume 8.

You can see my two page spread found in Volume Seven below. The paintings are Between the Two of Us and Wheels for Feet and Teeth that Talk. Click on image below to view larger.

Studio Visit, Volume Seven: Cheryl Finfrock

Here’s the excerpt from the publication:

Dreams inspire my work. Images ranging from public domain icons to archaic glyphs grab my attention. My work in narrative in it’s intent, with titles helping to progess the story. I see my work as a painterly memoir, and the color and humor are grounding for me in this process.

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