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Remembering CoBrA artist Corneille

My favorite art movement is CoBrA.  So, remembering Corneille, here’s a bit of history.

"Composition Abstracte" by Corneille

Dutch CoBrA artist Corneille died at the age of 88 September 7th, 2010.
He was the last surviving Dutch member of the CoBrA European art movement.

CoBrA artist Corneille

Corneille was self taught and among the small group of Danish, Belgian and Dutch artists who formed what was initially called the Dutch Experimental Group in a Paris café July, 16th 1948. On November 8th, 1948 the group named their avant-garde collective CoBrA — an acronym representing their home cities of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. CoBrA was noted for a spontaneous, semi-abstract mid-century painting style.
CoBrA subject matter included animals and fantasy creatures with emphasis on mythology.

As Corneille once said, “We used everything and loved everything. We took from children’s drawings, folklore, drawings by the insane…”

Some of these artists were also preoccupied with with theorizing about art and the role of the artist in society. Influenced by Karl Marx, their goal was to have art made for and by everyone, irrespective of class, race, intellect and educational level.

I am looking forward to visiting the Cobra Museum in Amsterdam one day.

Check out the Cobra Museum’s website: