Expressionist Portrait Drawing: Look Me in the Face

Austin Art Workshops Presents Expressionist Portrait Drawing: Look Me in the Face With Instructor Cheryl Finfrock Learn the essential drawing techniques of the face and head. Explore the essential elements of art: line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color. Take the basics to another level with the spontaneity and color of Expressionism.We will use […]

E.A.S.T. 2010 Events

Bay6 Gallery and Studios  5305 Bolm Rd.  Austin 78721 East Austin Art Gallery Opening Friday, 11/12    7 pm – midnight 2335 E Sixth St.  Austin, TX  78702 Featuring Cheryl Finfrock & Charlie Terrell

East Bay Express Picks “Jabberwocky” at FLOAT Gallery

DeWitt Cheng of East Bay Express Reviews Jabberwocky 9/15/2010. Jabberwocky The whiffling, burbling (i.e., puffing and bleating/murmuring/warbling) monster may have been slain by the beamish boy in Lewis Carroll’s poem, but the Jabberwock’s galumphing comic/sinister spirit lives on in the exuberant fantasy paintings of Cheryl Finfrock and Liz Mamorsky. Finfrock’s paintings of childlike protagonists (“Wheels […]

Remembering CoBrA artist Corneille

My favorite art movement is CoBrA.  So, remembering Corneille, here’s a bit of history. Dutch CoBrA artist Corneille died at the age of 88 September 7th, 2010. He was the last surviving Dutch member of the CoBrA European art movement. Corneille was self taught and among the small group of Danish, Belgian and Dutch artists […]

You Don’t Have to be a Rockefeller to Collect Art

If  you have not seen “Herb and Dorothy” yet, take the day off and go to the movies today! This is inspiring for artists and collectors alike. It is a love story for art. I love this movie! The Trailer Synopsis: HERB & DOROTHY tells the extraordinary story of Herbert Vogel, a postal clerk, and […]