“The Drawing Show” opens at Pump Project Saturday, March 3rd 7 – 9 pm

Definition of “a drawing”: Any surface on which marks have been deliberately made for the purposes of expression, pleasure, psychological necessity or future viewing by others.

This exhibit has a huge variety of works by some great locals- proving a drawing can be practically anything.

The Earth Tickles the Sky


The following artists will be exhibiting works:

Abi Daniel, Alex Contreras, Andrew Cherry, Bart Berggren, Becky Joye, B B Kirkland, Bridget Quinn, Cathy Savage, Cherie Weaver, Cheryl Finfrock, Chloe Yingst, Cladue van Lingen, Elizabeth Lodowski, Emilie Houssart, Emily Moores, Graham Franciose, Hank Waddell, Heidi Landau, J DeFrese, J Haley, Jana Swec, Jason Huerta, Jeremy Burks, Jerry Segal, Jessica Erickson, Jill Bedgood, Joelle Geisler, John Mulvany, Kai Martin, Keva Richardson, Kevin Munoz, Mark Johnson, Michael Schliefke, Michelle Rahbar, Nicole Jeffords, Paul Beck, Paul Moncus, Phillip Nichols, Rachelle Diaz, Scott L Stevens, Shawn Camp, Shea Little, Soña Holman, Terri Thomas, Teruko Nimura, and William Gaynor.
Featured Drawings by Emily Moores & Jerry DeFrese.


Pump Project Art Complex

702 Shady Lane Austin, Texas 78702

Opening Saturday, March 3, 7-10 pm

Exhibition through March 24

Gallery Hours Wednesday & Saturday, 12-5 pm



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